Residep The Tax Depreciation Specialists

A competitive and experienced company which analyses and reports the benefits of residential property allowances.

Your accountant says, “You need a Tax Depreciation Schedule… you know, a Quantity Survey Report for your investment property”.  Let us at Residep help you.

Whether you are a first time or seasoned property investor, book-keeper or accountant, our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you to claim the taxation deductions you are entitled to.

Residep specialises in providing Tax Depreciation Schedules for your investment property.

Accountants, Financial Planners, Selling Agents, Property Managers, Complex Managers, ‘mums and dads’ investors and ‘specialist property’ investors use Residep.

Why should you choose Residep for your Tax Depreciation Schedule?

  • We inspect your property – to ensure we maximise the legitimate claimables for you.
  • We are professional, discreet, reliable, friendly and easy to use.
  • We are ATO compliant and conform with Australian Accountants Standards.
  • A précis of our schedule.
  • A detailed overview of our schedule.
  • The cost of the report is Tax Deductable and we offer a Guarantee.

Would my property offer substantial claimables?

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Ok! Residep is the right choice to help me… but if I could just get a feeling for what claimables would be possible…

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**New features to our Tax Depreciation Schedules!**

 Our schedules now incorporate Post Purchase Additions, as well as existing Pre Purchase Renovations/ Additions.

Time efficient for Accountants!
We include the Post Purchase Expenditure in the report as an addendum table. Expenditure is listed by item, date, applicable depreciation rate and then summarised into yearly total claimables.
Rather than a client taking a file of ‘extras’ for the accountant to deal with separately, we incorporate all into the one report.
The expenditure is clearly summarised on the front page of the report which shows the total claimables from the analysis and a separate total of the Post items. 

Learn more about how you can benefit from your Post Purchase Expenses!






”Get the cash flow you deserve which is rent returns and depreciation allowances as Tax Deductions”.